We specialize in sales and brokerage services, capital formation, and market research.


CCA maintains a network of active owners, operators and investors focused on the exchange of cannabis businesses. We host this marketplace, positioning businesses to acheive their highest valuations and investors to maximize their returns. We have an inventory of integrated businesses and business opportunities for sale throughout Colorado and nationwide.

We Know the Industry

We specialize in underwriting analysis and comprehension of cannabis businesses as an asset class while also focusing on locating, evaluating, and mitigating risk throughout the industry.


In addition to the sale of cannabis businesses and qualifying real estate, we market and sell state and city issued licenses for cannabis dispensing, cultivation, and extraction.

Take Advantage of Our Network

We manage a database of cannabis operators throughout all facets of the industry; from dispensaries and cultivation facilities to infused product manufacturers and extraction labs. We provide our clients with reliable and up-to-date market information as well as access to our network of operators and investors.

Valuations & Expert Witness Testimony

Because of our unique experience in the industry, CCA is able to control a database of business level and market information specific to the industry. Our valuations use current market information and industry accepted conventions of valuation to determine the value of cannabis businesses, real estate, and proposed projects.

Financial Solutions For the Cannabis Industry

Financing growth for startup and adolescent companies can be challenging or fatal if not executed properly. Our unique perspective and understanding of the industry allows us to position businesses and borrowers in a way that is attractive and familiar to lenders.


Cannabis's legal status at the federal level increases the risk on capital that flows into the market. CCA maintains a network of debt and equity investors and lenders that accept this risk and have built their portfolios on lending to and investing in cannabis businesses.

Your Value in the Marketplace

CCA utilizes information collected over years of experience using verifiable and industry accepted practices of valuation to provide an accurate snapshot of your business and its value in the marketplace. Our analyses inform the decisions of business owners as they direct their companies. Building upon that reputation, we provide a logical and defensible position to business analyses and valuations in partnership disputes, arbitration, and mediation.


"If you don't have a seat at the table, then you might be on the menu." Understanding the complexities of this constantly evolving marketplace is vital to the success of your business. The foundation of this success is good information, good partners, and prescient business strategies. Our industry experience, network of operators, investors, and lenders allow us to craft service platforms for your specific business needs.

We Tailor Our Services To You

Whether you are thinking about entering a new market, business line, or new state; CCA's consulting platform can tailor services to your specific projects or needs. From market analysis to the formation of business plans and executive teams, CCA can add value and research driven strategies to your business.


We’re very passionate about our industry and we want to collaborate with those who share our enthusiasm.